Republic Services

Recycling is so important for our environment, let’s find out more about what you can and cannot recycle!   LEARN MORE Republic Services

Shay Livenspargar Art

Grab a piece of paper, pencil and crayons! Let’s learn how to draw a cat with Ms. Shay. Shay Livenspargar Art Follow Ms. Shay on Facebook

What Are Contrails – KCRA

Dirk’s Weather World: Meteorologist Dirk Verdoorn is back with another science lesson for students! Today’s topic: Contrails. KCRA

Stanislaus State – Storytime with Warrior Basketball Players

Join Stan State Basketball Warriors as they read “Last Stop on Market Street”. Grab those crayons or markers and let’s do some coloring! Click the link to download your coloring sheets. DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD DOWNLOAD Stanislaus State Sponsored By

California Almond Board

Have you ever wondered how almonds get from the orchard to your table? Take a listen! California Almond Board Sponsored By

4-H – Paper Airplanes

Let’s make some paper airplanes that can soar high in the air! LEARN MORE 4-H Sponsored By